LG 42PM4700 Review

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PROS / The LG 42PM4700 TV comes with 18 preinstalled apps ranging from sports and social media to music and movies.

CONS / It doesn't come with a MagicMotion remote; however, you may be able to purchase one separately.

VERDICT / It uses almost half the energy of similar internet-connected TVs, which will save you money in the end.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Internet TVs here.

LG 42PM4700 allows you to watch the internet on your TV. This smart TV has internet capabilities that allow you to watch TV and movies, online content and use the web apps. You'll notice some differences between your computer's version of the web and what this internet TV offers, but you'll still be able to browse the web and access apps.

The LG 42PM4700 is noteworthy for its fantastic browsing capabilities, the number of apps that are preinstalled on the TV and LG's great customer service.


The LG 42PM4700 has built-in Wi-Fi. Additionally, it has an Ethernet connection should you prefer to connect to your internet through a cable. The internet-connected TV uses the same internet connection that you have in your house. LG 42PM4700 doesn't support Adobe Flash 10 or HTML5, so you'll notice limitations to what you have the ability to see and access online. For instance, some audio, video and images won't load.

The LG 42PM4700 comes with 18 preinstalled apps. They include Netflix, YouTube, MLB, Facebook, Twitter, VUDU, CinemaNow, Napster, NBA, Amazon Video On Demand, AP, Viewster, i.play, vTuner, Picassa, Google maps, FunSpot and AccuWeather. LG offers an app store, where you have the ability to purchase all the web apps you want.

In addition to accessing the apps, you have the ability to browse the web as you would on your own computer. As we noted above, you will notice some differences in the way the webpages appear on the TV because the LG 42PM4700 doesn't support Flash 10 or HTML5. The nice thing, though, is that you won't be limited on the number of apps you can access.

Display & Audio

The LG 42PM4700 has a 42-inch PLASMA screen. Its viewing angle is 178 degrees from right to left, so you'll have a great view from almost anywhere in the room. This internet-connected TV has a 1024 x 768p resolution and progressive scanning, meaning it's a high-definition TV. You'll see movies at 24 frames per second, which is standard for movie watching. The LG 42PM4700 has a 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The response time for this smart TV is 3.5 milliseconds, which is much faster than your eye can perceive. It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is a little slower than what many manufacturers offer now. You may notice this slower refresh rate if you know what to look for or if you have sensitive eyes.

On the other hand, having a lower refresh rate will save you money on your power bill. On average, the LG 42PM4700, which is Energy Star qualified, uses just 55 watts of power. Compared to the LG 42PM4700, most of the internet-connected TVs we reviewed use at least twice as much power on average.

You have the ability to control the television content on your TV through the parental content V-chip. Unfortunately, the V-chip only works to block content through television channels. It doesn't block websites or movies through apps such as Netflix.

The LG 42PM4700 has two composite ports, a component input, three HDMI inputs, two USB ports, one PC input, one Ethernet/LAN port and a digital audio out. Other smart TVs we reviewed have more HDMI inputs and USB ports, but this may be sufficient for your needs.

The LG 42PM4700 has two speakers with 10 watts of audio output each. This is what most of the manufacturers offer in the products we reviewed. If you want more audio output, you have the ability to route the audio from your internet-connected TV through a home theater system or sound bar.


The LG 42PM4700 uses a MagicMotion remote. This remote allows you to point and direct the cursor on your screen with the direction in which you move the remote in your hand. We were disappointed to find out that this remote isn't included with the smart TV. You have to purchase it separately, which is a hassle and adds to the overall cost of your new TV. Check for availability to purchase the remote separately.

As long as you've linked your internet-connected TV to your local area network (LAN), you have the ability to read shared folders on your other connected electronic devices. This TV uses Nero Software to conduct searches. The LG 42PM4700 won't be able to surf through your computer folders, though.

This smart TV doesn't have any storage space for your apps, so you'll have to use a USB drive to store them. LG recommends that you use a USB external hard disk of 1TB or less, or a USB storage device that is 32GB or less. Although you have the ability to download as many apps as you want, you'll have to store them separately from your TV.

Help & Support

LG offers good tech service. The company has an email address, telephone number and live chat feature to make communication easy for you. You may experience some waiting time when chatting with tech support, but the representatives are knowledgeable about the products. LG also has a knowledgebase that's similar to a FAQs page. The internet-connected TV comes with a one-year parts-and-labor warranty.


The LG 42PM4700 allows you to surf the web. LG pre-installs 18 apps on this TV and gives you an app store where you have the ability to add apps to your smart TV. Its refresh rate is slower than most of the other web-connected TVs we reviewed, but it will save you money on energy bills. One of the small, disappointing details is that the MagicMotion remote doesn't come with the TV, although you can purchase it separately.