Philips 40PFL4707 Review

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PROS / This internet TV has four 20-watt speakers - twice the speakers at twice the wattage of any other TV we reviewed.

CONS / The Philips 40PFL4707 internet TV only has three apps and doesn't have an app store.

VERDICT / As long as you're happy with the available apps and low DCR, you'll enjoy this internet TV.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Internet TVs here.

The Philips 40PFL4707 is an internet TV that offers TV programming and internet apps. Of all the smart TVs we reviewed, the Philips 40PFL4707 has the most built-in speakers. This Philips 4000 series LCD TV comes with a remote that will help you navigate between the TV, your cable box, your DVD or VHS player and your audio system.

This smart TV comes Wi-Fi ready, and with three apps: Netflix, V-Tuner and Twitter. These web pages will appear a little differently on your TV screen than they would on your computer, but they'll still have the same functionality. The Philips 4000 series LCD TV doesn't have full browsing capabilities, so you'll only be able to access the internet through these three apps. In addition to that, Philips unfortunately doesn't have an app store, so you don't have the option to purchase additional apps.

This 40-inch TV has a 1920x1080p screen, which is the standard HDTV widescreen resolution. It displays 24 frames per second in movie mode. The aspect ratio for this smart TV is 16:9. It has a standard 178-degree viewing angle, so no matter where you sit, you'll have a great picture. This Philips 4000 series LCD TV has all the standard ports: one composite input, one component input, four HDMI inputs, one USB port, one Ethernet/LAN port and one coaxial cinch digital audio out. The Philips 40PFL4707/F8 comes with parental controls, so you can keep your kids from watching television programs with certain ratings.

The dynamic contrast ratio (DCR) is 90,000:1, which is low compared to the other smart TVs we reviewed. The low dynamic contrast ratio means that the black levels on this TV aren't very good. However, it has a very fast response rate of one millisecond and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. However, these numbers represent such quick actions that you might not be able to tell much difference between this and other smart TVs with slightly higher response rates and lower refresh rates. The Philips 40PFL4707 TV consumes a larger amount of power than the other smart TVs we reviewed. At 205 watts, it requires more than twice the amount of power as other internet-ready TVs.

The Philips 4000 series LCD TV has four speakers with 20 watts of power each. This is a feature that other smart TVs don't have. All the other smart TVs we reviewed only have two 10-watt speakers. If this TV's four speakers still don't give you the sound quality you want, you can add a sound system through the digital audio output.

The Philips 40PFL4707 has a basic remote that works with your TV, cable box, DVD-VCR and audio system. There's a button to access Aquos Net and your apps. Arrow keys and number keys help you navigate to what you want.

The Philips 40PFL4707 smart TV only allows you to do one thing at a time. This means you can watch TV or use an internet app, but you can't do both in unison. It also means you can't search through TV programming, files on your computer and internet apps at the same time to find something you're looking for. Instead, you'll have to search each one individually.

Although the company has an email address, Philips no longer services emails. It sent us back an email that asked us to use the chat feature or to make a call. The chat feature wasn't much use to us. When we asked our questions via chat, the representative told us that the chat service is primarily for CE products, not televisions. Apparently, your best bet, if you need help with your Phillips smart TV, is to call the company.



The Philips 40PFL4707 comes with three preinstalled apps. It doesn't have a full browser or an app store, but you can still do a lot with the apps that Philips has included. Although the remote isn't as handy as some we reviewed, it can still help you find the programs and files in which you're interested. We were somewhat frustrated by our experience with tech support because the telephone number is the only form of contact that Philips has for its TVs.